Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is a way of life and a perspective of life experiences before it is anything else, and the word itself means different things to different people, cultures, and tribes. Shamanic healing itself requires dedication and life transformations from you (the client) on personal and deep levels that often involve delving into ancestral lineage patterns, past life karma, and/or inner-child trauma. This is where Dianna's focus is and what she does best, using several spiritual and shamanic methods for ritual, healing, and guidance. There is rarely a "quick fix" for this kind of work it is like personal therapy please contact Dianna in the first instance and explain where you are stuck to see if she can help you. 

Note: Sessions with Dianna consider an emotional, energetic, and shamanic perspective. You having some understanding of "Spirit" (how conscious energy moves) would be helpful to the process this is not psychology or traditional counselling.

Sessions are usually 60 or 90 minutes long, and can be block-booked in a set of four.

60 minutes, £70

90 minutes, £90

4 x 60 minute sessions to be taken every week or every two weeks, £224 (20% saving)

Please also view the distance healing and other options below.

Pigeon feathers catching the sun on an amethyst bed. All bird feathers (crow, seagull, pheasant, etc) are reminders of our divine connections and can be used to facilitate movement, cleansing, psychic integration, communication with the Otherworld, and inspiration.

Other Ways to Receive Guidance & Healing

Online Distant Healing

Dianna offers 20-minute healing sessions online, ten minutes of which is the guidance and connection necessary to begin the process, and the last ten minutes is the healing transmission itself. She works with angelic and crystal healing for these sessions. (Note: there is a free and timeless healing transmission available on Dianna's YouTube channel.)

Cost: £20 for 20 minutes. 

Divinatory Guidance

Click HERE for info on mediumship.

Dianna also offers both in-person and online readings using Tarot, runes, charms, and what she calls "Otherworld connection". Online general guidance readings are available on her YouTube channel at no cost and are a great way to practice honing your intuition while you surf your favourite channels to discern what is right for you. The philosophy of generalised online readings, since they serve a majority at a time, is that you take on board what you resonate with and you leave behind what you don't, using your own wisdom as a compass and utilising what you find inspiring. Live and pre-recorded one-to-one tarot readings with Dianna, which will be focused on your personal strengths, vices, and current situation, can also be booked here. For in-person sessions, please contact her directly.

Please note that none of the above is "fortune telling", so please do not book a session wanting to know "what my partner thinks of me" or "who am I going to marry". Dianna's work with divination is concerned with YOUR connection to your own intuition and foresight. Its purpose is to ascertain where you are stuck and help you understand this and move forward in a way more aligned to your wants and needs. It is more akin to spiritual coaching and counselling, and often practical steps and remedies (like flower essences or crystal work) are suggested during a session to help this process.

​Cost: from £20 for online pre-recorded. 

Munay-Ki Rites

This set of 9 rites was introduced to the western world by Alberto Villoldo and is based largely on Peruvian shamanic practices from the Andes region (lowlands and highlands). Dianna has been giving these rites to others since the beginning of 2019 and combines the rites with some Peruvian history and spiritual counselling/coaching/guidance for your own personal journey each rite (plus brief Peruvian history and personal guidance) is given over a 90-minute session. She always gives these rites 1-to-1. This is a five or nine-month long journey depending on how you wish to receive the rites. Please enquire.

Cost: £50 per rite; 90-minute session for each rite. Location: near Havant, Hampshire.

Shamanic Circles

Dianna held Circles at Kia Ora Lounge from 2019 to 2024. She made the decision, from spring equinox, 2024, to stop running the Circles and focus solely on her 1-to-1 consultations. Online Circles for certain transmissions or facilitations may be held in the future. She is also exploring the idea of Soul Path Mediumship Circles.