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"To be a medium is to be a bridge for communication between realms. A shaman is a medium. Every single child until the age of of about 5 is a medium by nature, without even trying. (Cats are definitely mediums.) Trees are mediums. Communication with the Otherworld is a skill everyone possesses and it can be polished with dedication and practice.

"The word 'mediumship', when used socially, is more often meant as specifically communications with loved ones crossed over. This can happen as a part of any shamanic session or soul path reading with me if your loved one has a message they wish to impart that may help you on your spiritual or soul journey.

"I'm exploring the idea of online or in-person Soul Path Circles where we can connect and bring through communication from our spirit guides, angels, and loved ones.

Explore thoughts on mediumship with Dianna, and her experiences of the spirit world on her blog.

Tarot & Angel Readings

Tarot Guidance

Offering you guidance using the tarot and connection with your higher self; divining the potential pathways forward by looking at your current energies and how you got to your present situation. 

Tarot sessions can be booked through the online calendar.

General tarot readings for a collective audience can be seen on my YouTube channel.

Spirit Guide & Angel Readings / Soul Path Readings

Spirit guides help you with your soul path and life purpose, and angels help you with your life purpose in conjunction with the evolution of all humanity. So Dianna calls these sessions Soul Path Readings.

We can each have many spirit guides during our time on earth; some are with us for our whole life and some are only around for a day or two. Any guide may come through during a reading, often offering life path advice which will usually be relevant to your current struggle or situation.

Tarot or oracle cards may still be used during these readings (although not always).

Angel readings often begin as a spirit guide reading angels then come in through your spirit guide for your particular challenge. The reading can take interesting turns from there, sometimes including angel healing and affirmations (as well as the usual angel messages).

Mediumship Readings

Dianna is NOT currently offering mediumship readings (meaning contact with those crossed over) on their own. They may take place, however, during your spirit guide and angel readings, or shamanic sessions if it is relevant to your particular needs. 

Soul Path Mediumship Circles

Aiding your Spiritual and Soul Path journeys with communication from your angels, guides, and loved ones.

These circles are currently being considered as online sessions, and possibly in-person (locally near Havant area) if the right venue can be found.

More news on events as and when available. Thank you for your patience developing this kind of thing takes time.

A quick note about angels: Dianna sees angels as beings completely independent of any religion. They've been around since the dawn of humanity, and were around way before humans but them into religious boxes, or boxes of any kind. Angels are all about helping you reach the highest potential of your humanness, connected with the evolution of all of humanity and ultimately, all of the known universe (known to them, that is). They benefit too. Our evolution aids angelic evolution and the evolution of at least a part of the cosmos. Working with the frequencies of compassion, unconditional love, and total non-judgement (something almost no one is capable of) are the best ways to begin to see and work with angels. That's why children do so naturally, without even realising they are doing anything unusual to adults.

"I would recommend Dianna's consultation to anyone who wants a professional, intuitive reading. I have always benefited from her readings, they have been clear and helpful in guiding me on my path." 

J.H. (Surrey, UK) | Review for Tarot (in-person)

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Book Your Session

Spirit Guide & Angel Readings, and Tarot Guidance are currently offered in-person in Havant, Hampshire at a cost of £70 per hour (only some weekday mornings are available, please ask when emailing).

Alternatively, you can find Dianna at the events below which are often cheaper.


Daily Energy Readings on YouTube free and posted every day, focusing on the current energies of the day for all, then looking into more specifics that could help a few viewers. See today's reading.

Angel and Intuitive Guidance: Facebook Live every week starting end of June, 2024 details coming (still trying to create the group for this).

Other events will be listed here when available.