Artisan, Hand-Wired Crystal & Stone Jewellery

Dianna makes hand-wired crystal and stone pendants and necklaces to be worn for crystal and energy healing (or simply for beautiful aesthetics). She has brought her jewellery to a new online shop in alignment with her work as a herbal and energy therapist.

Often these pieces are created in sync with the moon's cycle and astrological phases. The space is always cleared and blessed before work. They are made as and when, and Dianna's focus is on the energetic force and "magic" of the stone, not on its commercial aspects or saleability. So you won't find many pieces in stock at any one time.

Stones and crystals are wrapped as securely as possible and using no glue to allow the crystal's energy to flow well. 

You'll find all the pieces available over at the Heart Warrior Herbs & Crystals Shop