Dianna's upbringing was multicultural (both far eastern and western) greatly influencing her views of life and societies as she grew. Her experiences have taught her that all religions and spiritual practices lead back to the same place - the soul's heart - which in turn leads you home. 

Heart Warrior's Way

Living life from your heart as you honour the shadows that give depth to your light.

"In my youth, I went to drama school and explored acting before taking a more concrete interest in the esoteric world. I've been working with the spiritual and metaphysical since 1998, in complementary and holistic health since 2002, and have been an author and book designer, writing paranormal/fantasy and romance fiction (for adults) since 2011 - a natural progression, in some ways, to being published in small press poetry and fiction magazines from the age of seventeen. More recently, I have been illustrating with watercolours and inks and am delving into creating my own Tarot deck(s).

I am always following my latest excitement. Everything I do is driven by the need to be fully and wholly "me" and bring my creations to life and inspire you to do the same. I have always felt most alive when living spiritually - most people who also do will know wondrous things happen in amazing and inexplicable synchronicity when very connected with the flow of life and Spirit. This is what "magic" is, and for me, this is "real" life; it's our natural state of being. I'd love to help everyone find that state.

I received my shamanic training from Ivan McBeth at his Sacred Space School of Shamanic Studies between 2001-2003 and my Munay-Ki rites in the tradition of Dr Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds Society, from Sarah Williams in 2019. I've studied and explored Celtic and British witchcraft and paganism finding great love for the mythology and Arthurian and fairy legends, read Tarot professionally since 1998, and ​trained in crystal healing (1999), Bach Flower Remedies with Healing Herbs Ltd (2003), and Indigo Essences with Ann Callaghan (2010).

​I'm a certified and insured herbalist upkeeping my CPD regularly with programmes from the School of Evolutionary Herbalism and the Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism; the dried herbs and herbal tinctures I buy are organic and/or biodynamically grown where possible, with the fresh plant being extracted and used if possible.

My work as a personal and spiritual life coach and an angel practitioner and medium (cert. through Charles Virtue), merges beautifully into my herbal and flower essence consultations.  My connection with the spirit world and my own guides and angels has always been there ever since I can remember, with my first memory being at the age of 11 months. I never truly veered off that path or doubted it and through the years, I've channelled it into various forms of creativity including writing and art, as well as living it.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I am a mother to a teenager, life-partnered to a homoeopath, and our two cats keep me on my toes. 

"Shamanism entered my life when I was about two years old, in the form of my Native American spirit guide who would appear every night to talk to me and teach me things (or remind me of things) which I now know were my "powers" (essence, skills, and tools) from a different life. I didn't know it as shamanism then - just very cool visitations from someone I looked forward to seeing every night. It wasn't until I read The Healing Wisdom of Africa, by Malidoma Patrice Somé, at the age of 21, that I really thought about shamanism. This book brought so many emotions to the surface and had me determinedly seeking out shamanism for myself. I found a teacher of Druidry and shamanism living nearby just a few weeks later, by the name of Ivan McBeth. His training shifted my perspective on life, and helped give voice and meaning to so many things that had happened in my life, as well as all the childhood teachings from my spirit guide. My world would never be the same again, but greater, more whole, more abundant, and more real."