Heart Warrior's Way

(Kia Ora Lounge was this site's previous name, now transitioning to Heart Warrior's Way.)

KIA-ORA is the private home clinic of Dianna, who is a herbalist, flower essence practitioner, and shamanic healer and teacher.

Sessions are by appointment only. Clicking on the relevant image below will take you to further information about that modality. (Some links take you to the Heart Warrior Herbs website, also managed by Dianna.) 

Herbal Medicine

Flower Essences

Shamanic Healing & Munay-Ki Rites

To book a consultation for herbal medicine, or flower essences, or to find out more about shamanic guidance and the Munay-Ki rites, please contact Dianna at dianna@heartwarriorsway.co.uk (or info@kiaoralounge.co.uk)